Marriage Ceremonies

A Marriage Celebrant’s role is varied and comes with a lot of responsibilities- both legal and social. I feel honoured to be able to conduct a wedding ceremony that caters for the couples tastes whilst maintaining a light-hearted but a professional approach.

I work alongside with you on a personal level to put together a ceremony by listening to you and your partner, offering ideas and suggestions through my experience; thus, creating a ceremony that will become a wonderful part of your memories together.

With consultation and careful planning it is my role to ensure that your ceremony will run exactly as you wish, leaving your big day running stress free, relaxed and memorable for all the right reasons.

Most Indian weddings have a Priest who performs the religious rituals. Many couples do not realise that a Priest is not necessarily a good Master of Ceremonies, or, a good public speaker - and yet they leave everything to him with the result that the ceremony lacks the lustre that an accomplished MC can bring to the function. My strong suggestion- Leave the Punditji to the religious rituals and appoint a good MC to manage the ceremony.

Cross- Cultural Marriages

If yours is a cross cultural marriage, then it is important to have a fluent speaker of both languages to cater for the two communities. I have witnessed many families going to the expense of holding a Christian wedding in a Church and then holding another full Hindu wedding in a hall followed by a reception. To me it seems a lot of unnecessary expense. In a cross cultural marriage the following needs consideration:

Do you want two separate ceremonies eg a Hindu and say Christian ceremonies ? Is it better to have ONE wedding ceremony (say Christian in a Church or a Hindu Ceremony in a hall) and then, hold a wedding reception where the bride and groom can again take some vows in English or Hindi followed by a cake cutting ceremony.A good Marriage Celebrant should be able to cater for this.

This saves costs of three ceremonies and keeps the two involved families and their communities happy.

No two marriage ceremonies are the same; arranging a successful function requires careful planning and a flexible and collaborative approach; I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the future even if to bounce off some ideas.